8 Travel Tips To Note before planning a vacation in Bhutan

Get accurate information on how to plan a perfect Bhutan tour. Ever wanted to visit Bhutan, here´s the complete guide of everything you need to know before planning your vacation in Bhutan (Land of the Thunder Dragon).

8 Travel Tips for vacation in Bhutan

Punakha Dzong constructed at 1637

1. When is the best time to visit Bhutan?

8 Travel Tips to Note Before Planning A Trip to Bhutan

The door to travel to Bhutan is always open, no matter in which season you decide to plan your vacation in Bhutan. It is in the hands of tourists to choose the best season that suits their interests. Bhutan experiences different varied climate over a year. It is because of the influence by the Indian monsoons that brings rainfall in Bhutan.

Each season offers different experiences. Nice weather, various religious festival and events spread across the year. December, January and early weeks of February are coldest in Bhutan. If you are planning for chilled climate, then winter is the perfect time to experience.

The monsoon season starts from June till September with heavy rains. Autumn begins from October to November, usually sunny with snow in higher elevations. Late November till the starting of March is winter, which is a dry season.

The best season to plan your vacation in Bhutan is during spring season which starts from March to May. In this season flowers blossoms with clear sky and makes it suitable for trekking and hiking.

2. How much do Bhutan vacation cost?

Bhutan Vacation Cost: All tourists visiting Bhutan in March, April, May, September, October and November must pay US $250 per person per night. If you are a solo traveler lover then you have to pay extra of $30 bringing total of $280. In January, February, June, July, August and December the cost of tariff is $200 per person per night. Indian, Bangladesh and Maldivian nationality are given free visa to travel Bhutan. Others than these three nationalities all have to pay same tariff rate of $250 per person per night.

3. Must see tourist attraction in Bhutan:

As said, “Beauty lies in the eye of a beholder”, it is in the hands of tourists to discover their own beauty in Bhutan. Rinphung Dzong at Paro, which is “fortress on the heap of jewel” have a top-notch architecture designs. If you wish to see the fortress design then you must visit Chele La Pass day hike, Jomolhari trekSnowman Trek and numerous other mountains and passes are available, for mountains and passes lovers.

You will witness fine natural aesthetics, which will please your eyes. Therefore some genuinely interested in photography and seeking for perfect photographs must visit Buddha Dordenma. It is a giant golden shakya muni Buddha statue. It was built in commemoration of the birth anniversary of His Majesty the fourth king of Bhutan.

National Memorial Chorten at Thimphu

National Memorial Chorten at Thimphu

Besides photography if you are interested in discovering the history of Bhutan, visit the national museum of Bhutan known as Ta- Dzong. For wildlife lover, visit Jigme Dorji Wangchuck national park, Royal Manas national park, and many more. If you are a shopaholic, then Thimphu, Paro and Phuntsholing are the major centers for shopping in Bhutan. Traditional woven clothes, bamboo items, handmade paper and finely crafted metal products are the items you would love shopping.

Wangdue Phodrang Dzong

Wangdue Phodrang Dzong

4. Do you need Visa to travel Bhutan?

Bhutan Visa or Entry Permit

Bhutan Visa or Entry Permit

The two valid ‘Travel Documents’ are required by Indian tourists who are visiting Bhutan. The Valid Indian Passport should have validity of six months and Voter Identity Card, issued by Election Commission of India. The westerners should contact the local Bhutanese tour operator (Bhutan Travel Gate) for the latest tariff rates and passport which is valid for six months. You need visa to enter Bhutan and to get visa you have to contact the local tour operator in Bhutan.

5. What does Bhutan tour cost include?

Cost of Bhutan trip is $250 per person per night which covers hotels, transport, a guide, food and entry fees. Tourists only need money for drinks, laundry, souvenirs and tips, for this, bring cash. There are ATMs available in most main towns, but it would be wise not to trust. In some hotels and souvenir shop, credit cards are accepted. While travelling to Bhutan may seem expensive, it will be worth it.

6. Different types of Tourism packages offered in Bhutan:

Bhutan tour package offers a best travel to Bhutan. You will get to experience and see the beauty of small mountainous country. Some of the vacation in Bhutan packages are The Bhutanese West which is 5 days and 4 nights. It’s cultural tour to western part of Bhutan. Tourist will get to experience different taste of culture, tradition and ancient histories. Jomolhari Trek is 12 days and 11 nights trek to the Mt. Jomolhari. It lies in region of 2500 m to 4930 m of altitude. The trekkers will get to see and experience exotic beauty of the mountain, different flora and fauna and nomadic settlements.

Paro Tsechu held at Rimpung Dzong

Paro Tsechu held at Rimpung Dzong

Vacation in Bhutan can also be customized with festival tours like Paro Tsechu which is 7 days tour. You will witness executed sacred event of masquerade dances and to receive blessings. You will get to witness all Bhutanese people dressed in their best national dress for the event. Cultural Safari 9 days and 8 night tour to a great Buddhist saints permeate at Bumthang. It’s said to be very beautiful and soothing place to relax your mind. You will feel the sense of tranquility after you make the visit to different sacred temples.

Druk path Trek

Drukpath Trek

Druk path Trek, it is 5 days trek for amateur trekkers and hikers. The trek starts from Paro and end at Thimphu city. The trek offers the best adventures in the Himalays kingdom and it’s a very easy trek to complete. So visit Bhutan as so many other interesting and exciting places are there to discover.

7. How to get to Bhutan?

There is only one way by air, if you are traveling from abroad countries. There is only two flights that fly in and out: Drukair and Bhutan Airlines. The airport is located at valley of Paro where you will get the first taste of Bhutan.


Bhutan Flight Routes

If you are Indians traveling to Bhutan you can opt for bus, private taxi or any other local transportation to reach Bhutan. You can enter Bhutan through Phuentsholing, Gelephu and Samdrupjongkhar. The nearest routes for Indians and Bangladesh tourist will be Bagdogra Airport at Siliguri.

8. How to get Bhutan tour price Discount?

8 Travel Tips To Note before planning a trip to Bhutan-How to get DiscountTo get discount for your vacation in Bhutan, travelers must contact the travel agent. Out of, 11 to 15 persons visiting Bhutan, one person can avail a discount of 50% on the least daily tour cost. For 16 and more persons in a group, 1 person can get discount of 100%. For solo traveler he or she can get discount of 100% if he or she spends 14 and more days.

Students who visits Bhutan for academic purpose can opt for discount. Students entering to Bhutan, who is age below 25, can opt for discount of 25%. Children who visit Bhutan with their family and who are age below 5 years old, there is no daily charge.

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