Transportation in Bhutan

Driving Distance in Bhutan

The Bhutanese National Highway is the only major connecting highway to when you are on a Bhutan Travel, it runs right from the West to East for several hundreds of kms, a 3.5 m-wide stretch of tarmac that winds its way up and down the hills and mountains at an excess of 2000 m.. across traditional bridges, alongside beautiful and astounding cliffs, a vibrant lush green environment and over high mountain passes with a good chill factor of the Himalayas.

There’s also the one that runs from the economic center of Phuentsholing City (300 m) near the Indian plains in the southeast to the capital city of Thimphu and there is also the one that connects Thimphu to Gelephu city in the south. The roads are currently being continuously upgraded up to a two lane highway (in the high mountains!) and therefore can be treacherous but thrilling at certain stretches.

The roads are steep and winding, making a journey of 100 km a fine morning adventure. Our contemporary fleet of 4WD SUVs, spacious Toyota station wagons, as well as our Toyota Coaster and Toyota Hi-Ace buses are perfectly suited and fitted to endure these long distances and winding roads.

For travelers who may be prone to “Motion Sickness”, we recommend you bringing ample medication with you as a precaution to counter the winding roads, but the stunning views you get to see on the way are to die for.

A relaxed attitude and a jest for thrilling adventure on your #Travel to Bhutan can get the most out of your exiting journey ahead.

Driving Distances in Bhutan

ParoThimphu City65 km01 hr
ParoHaa Valley65 km1.5 – 02 hrs
ThimphuHaa Valley115 km03 – 04 hrs
ThimphuPhuentsholing176 km07 – 08 hrs
ThimphuWangduephodrang70 km03 hrs
ThimphuPunakha77 km03 hrs
ThimphuPhobjhika (Gangtey)135 km5.5 – 06 hrs
PunakhaWangduephodrang13 km45 min
PunakhaPhobjhika (Gangtey)78 km03 hrs
PunakhaBumthang212 km08 hrs
BumthangGangtey (Phobjikha)188 km05 – 06 hrs
Gangtey (Phobjikha)Trongsa120 km4.5 – 05 hrs
PhobjikhaWangduephodrang65 km2.5 – 03 hrs
TrongsaWangduephodrang129 km4.5 – 05 hrs
TrongsaPunakha142 km06 hrs
TrongsaBumthang68 km02 hrs
BumthangMongar198 km07 – 08 hrs
MongarLhuentse76 km03 hrs
MongarTrashigang91 km03 – 04 hrs
TrashigangChorten Kora52 km02 hrs
TrashigangSamdrup Jongkhar180 km07 hrs
TrashigangTrashiyangtshe55 km02 hrs
Samdrup JongkharGuwahati (Assam, India)110 km03 hrs
Samdrup JongkharPhuentsholing400 km10 hrs
PhuentsholingBagdogra Airport (West Bengal, India)165 km4.5 hrs
PhuentsholingSiliguri City(West Bengal, India)155 km04 hrs
PhuentsholingDarjeeling City (West Bengal, India)200 km06 hrs
PhuentsholingKalimpong City (West Bengal, India)185 km05 hrs
PhuentsholingGangtok City (Sikkim, India)220 km07 hrs
PhuentsholingChalsa, Dooars (West Bengal, India)110 km2.5 hrs